Top 3 Reasons why flying is still the safest way to travel the world

While many people have a fear of flying it is still one of the safest ways to travel. There are three reasons while flying is safe and a person does not have to worry while they are in the air.

.1 Air Traffic Controllers

There are people that are watching the skies and are there to help the piolets. They are an extra set of eyes. The air traffic controllers will help the piolets when they are taking off and landing. There is personnel watching the skies 24 hours a day every day of the week. They use radars to track the planes, provide flight conditions, and will give clearance so the pilot will know it is safe to proceed.

.2 Extensive Training

In order to be a pilot, they need to go through a strict training and certification process. Most pilots have training from the Air Force. Others need to go to a school that is approved by the Federal Aviation Administration and most airlines want the pilots to have two additional years of college training. There is an intense screening process for a pilot to get their license. Air traffic controllers also need to go through strict training. They must pass strict background checks as well. They must pass strict background checks as well.

.3 New Technology

New technology is making flying safer than ever before. There is new technology that will warn the piolet of turbulence. Runway technology allows planes to communicate with each other. There is an autopilot feature. Technology is making flying safer from the runway to the landing.

These are some of the reasons why flying is now safer than ever. A person will be able to know that the airline staff is highly trained and there have been additional measures that have been taken to make sure everyone on board is safe. Read on giá vé máy bay for more useful tips.

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